Top 10 Most Popular Artists In The USA List by Contemporary Art Gallery Magazine

There is very good media coverage of all the various visual arts. In addition to educational programs in the public and private schools there are popular arts history courses in most major colleges and universities.Anyone who has looked at the art department course offerings in an art course catalog at a major university or college of art and design will be able to choose from a wonderful array of art study from every culture and age.You don’t have to go to college to appreciate art. There are online courses available and junior college offerings. Almost any major museum has an art education program that is sometimes very adequate for most peoples’ interests. The internet is a veritable super art library as well with art works by numerous past and contemporary artists. The articles are numerous as well as fair to good quality art images. Even the online poster stores make a huge number of works available by lithograph print at a very low price.Art is now so popular that a particular artists’ popularity can be measured by several factors:1) attendance numbers of recent public and private exhibitions of their works2) sales figures on art textbooks and art coffee table books that include a particular artist’s works3) numbers of art posters and art lithographs sold per year4) sales of art postcards, tee shirts, and any other art imprinted wares with any artist’s work5) numbers of search engine requests for an artist’s name or title of his/her works6) numbers of research projects conducted by students and professionals.The list of these artists is large and it varies from month to month and from year to year. So I have compiled the Top 10 Most Popular Artists In The USA List for 2006 – 2007 with the help of the staff at: Contemporary Art Gallery MagazineTOP 10: Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Vincent VanGogh, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Edgar Degas, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Georgia O’Keefe, Paul Gauguin.There were some notable surprises for me. Leonardo DaVinci did not make the top 10 artists list, but Jack Vettriano got amazingly close to the list considering his rather contemporary body of work and romantic subject matter. If you have a favorite artist who is not on this list, but you believe should be, send us an email at CAG.

Digital Photography – Why Opt For Digital Photography

In today’s modern world, more and more people are opting for Digital photography over film photography. There was a time when film photography stopped with the image capture, but now with digital technology you can not only see your results immediately after taking your picture, but you can store and edit them.All the many easy to use features that digital cameras now have built in to them has meant that photography has regained it’s popularity throughout the world. But what if you are still using the old method of taking photos – film photography? For those people still using film photography, here’s a few good reasons why you should now opt for digital photography: 
Convenience is probably the biggest advantage for choosing digital photography over film photography, as digital cameras use memory cards there is no film developing costs, these memory cards also allow you to take as many photos as you want.
 A digital camera has the ability to let you have your photos printed immediately: you simply connect your digital camera to a printer and press the print button to print out good quality prints.
 Another major benefit is there are a lot less wasted shots,as modern digital cameras have a review button which enables you to view all of the pictures you take so that you can then choose those you want to keep and those you want to delete.

Digital cameras not only outsell traditional film cameras but include many features not found in film cameras, such as, to shoot video and record audio. Digital photography really has paved the way for making photography more convenient and easier while at the same time, giving people the ability to take high quality photos. All this points to the fact that there is no better time to opt for digital photography than now!  

How to Best Protect Your Outdoor Furniture During Winter

Winter is a very tough time not only for your plants and pets but also for the outdoor furniture that you have. If you have outdoor furniture that you want to last for years to come, then you should find a good way of protecting it from the harsh winter season so that you can protect it from the damage. The first thing that is required of you is to know what type of furniture you have and the dangers that might harm it. With wood furniture, winter can cause it to crack, dry, and warp the wood. If it is metal then there is likely hood that it will rust and if it is plastic, it will become brittle. To prevent all this from happening, there are some things that you need to do.The first thing that you can do is to look for covers that you can cover the furniture with for protection purposes. You can purchase the covers from any furniture shops selling outdoor furniture. You will only need to slip them over the furniture and tighten the covers. This way the wind will not be able to blow the covers away and no dirt or snow will get to the furniture. Secondly, use either your garage or shed for storage if you have one as they are very good places for storing furniture during winter. Also storing it in either the garage or shed is good as you will not have a lot of outdoor activities and you can store the furniture there until the end of winter season. This way your furniture will be protected and it will not look old from the snow hounding and wind and also the lack of precipitation will extend the life of the furniture.Finally, you can get a storage unit as this will come in handy if you do not have a garage or patio. You can purchase the storage unit and it will be very useful especially if you have expensive Outdoor Furniture. It might be a little bit expensive to buy but the storage unit will save you more when it comes to buying another set of furniture. If you bought your furniture at a high price and you leave it out during the winter season it will get spoilt very fast and you might just find yourself going back to the furniture shop sooner that you thought. It is more affordable to find a way of storing the furniture rather than going out to buy another set.